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Master's Program Evolutionary Systems Biology

The Master's program Evolutionary Systems Biology (ESB) is targeted to students with an interest in biological research and quantitative methods. Admission requires a completed Bachelor's degree in biology or a related field (such as biotechnology, biomedicine, or bioinformatics). Advanced quantitative skills are not a prerequisite. Applicants with a BSc in other natural sciences (e.g. Physics) or mathematics and statistics can also be admitted to the ESB Master's program, conditional on completion of additional courses in basic biology. Proof of English language skills is required for non-native speakers.

Candidate students of the ESB MSc curriculum are subject to the following admission procedure:

  1. Examination of formal pre-study requirements (Bachelor's degree or equivalent degree in statistics, mathematics, biology, biotechnology, biomedicine, bioinformatics or related disciplines).

  2. Examination of formal requirements in English proficiency for non-native speakers.

  3. Evaluation of the application package by the admission committee. Please note that the admission committee may request a Skype interview to complete the selection procedure.

  4. Notification of admission by email by July 15th.

  5. Confirmation by the future students within 3 weeks after receipt of the admission email.

Up-to-date information about application deadline and required documents:



Required steps

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Required documents

The applicants are required to upload the following documents in original language and translated copies in English or German:

  1. Full Curriculum Vitae in English

  2. Bachelor’s or equivalent degree in an appropriate field and your transcripts. For documents of EU/EEA institutions: If the degree has not yet been completed, it is sufficient for the selection process to provide a statement from the home institution that the Bachelor's degree is expected to be finished by September 30th. By this date all prospective students of the MSc Evolutionary Systems Biology need to have received their Bachelor's (or equivalent) degree.

  3. A translation by a court-sworn translator (if not issued in English or German) and the required legalisation for the issuing country of the documents mentioned at point 2.

  4. Proof of English proficiency:
    Students of the Master's program Evolutionary Systems Biology need to be able to participate actively and passively in the courses, which will be taught in English. This corresponds to a proficiency level B2. Please consult https://studieren.univie.ac.at/en/admission/english-language-proficiency/ for required documentation of English proficiency.
  5. A motivation letter in English (1500-2500 words) which answers this question: “How will you benefit from the ESB Master's program for your future career?"

  6. Copy of your passport or identity card

Important: Details concerning the potentially necessary translation and/or legalisation of documents can be found on the website of Teaching Affairs and Student Services

Please note: The University of Vienna grants no financial support of any kind to Master's students of Evolutionary Systems Biology. Living costs at the city of Vienna are approx. € 1000 per month.

Study begin: October 1st

Master's Program Evolutionary Systems Biology
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